Sunday, 17 July 2016


Hey, it's been a while! A lot has changed in the last few months; I want to update you all but I'm just waiting for the right time to sit down and write a proper post... for now, just to ease myself slowly back into blogging, here's a quick outfit post featuring my lovely new Wood Wood t-shirt from Pho. London! I've always been a bit funny about wearing lighter colours, definitely preferring black, navy, forest green, charcoal... you know the drill... but in summer when I get a slight tan, (slight being a key word there), it's actually quite nice to emphasise my "sun-kissed" skin more against a white, cream or light grey.

Today Matt and I are going to shoot some still life, I used to really enjoy setting myself fun still life projects at weekends, remember The Biscuit Project? So much fun and I still love those images... I haven't been doing enough personal work recently as I've been pretty busy with "real work", trying to get by and pay rent you know. But I miss creating something just for the hell of it so my goal over summer is to get back into the creative mindset and just DO MORE!! Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend, oh, and please say hey in comments below so I can check out your blogs... I'm kinda out of the loop!

Toni x

Glasses from Debauch | Wood Wood stripey tee from Pho. London | Vintage denim jacket from Beyond Retro | H&M Jeans | Trainers by Fred Perry


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  1. Nice to hear from you again! Looking super cute, love the stripes. :)


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