Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Twinkle Twinkle Little.... Boots!

Screw waiting for Christmas; I managed to get my hands on these beautiful gold Vagabond boots, which I so recently mentioned in my Xmas Wishlist! Patience has never been one of my strengths. I love the square shape at the toe and they're ridiculously comfortable. Possibly the most comfortable shoes to ever go on my feet actually.... They're like slippers.... Super stylish slippers! Isn't there also something so satisfying about wearing metallics and sparkles around Christmas time!?

I also got this great new jumper from The Fifth, which I'm wearing here with a Miss Selfridge skirt and metallic dot tights from Topshop. You may already know I have a love-hate relationship with shopping, and its normally around this time of year when the high-street fills up with black, navy and sparkles that I'm in the "love" state of mind. But life isn't all about Christmas and sparkles, (unfortunately), and I've got to think practically too, which is why in the new year I plan on buying a pair of "sensible" desert boots. I've had my eye on this Clarks pair for a while, I think they'll be great for work and I love the wedge style flatform sole.

I'm off to Copenhagen on Friday morning, woohoo! I plan to do all the Christmas shopping, (it's honestly the most amazing place I've ever shopped), and I'd really like to find a traditional Danish restaurant to eat at too. I'll be posting lots on instagram if you wanted to check that out, otherwise I'll make sure I get lots of beautiful shots to show you when I'm back on Sunday.... then I'm off to Devon!



  1. Ooooh those boots are FAB! xx

  2. Lovely as ever! Those boots are gorgeous and I always appreciate a cute gif. ;)

  3. Love this cute outfit!

    Check out my blog too?xx
    Jess |

  4. i love this whole look, but especially those amazing boots!


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