Sunday, 1 March 2015


Yesterday I spent the morning recovering from Friday night's fun before heading into Central London late afternoon for a spot of shopping. I also took back a pair of Zara trousers, which were lovely but I still hadn't worn them after two weeks so they clearly weren't right for me... I often find myself buying things I'd like to style with as opposed to actually wear; it's very annoying!

Anyway,  because I then felt like I should spend that £40 elsewhere, (it would've been rude not to), I decided to hunt around for some "basics" ready for the Spring months. You may have already seen on instagram that I bought a couple of tops and some new socks, but my favourite purchase of the day has to be this cute striped top - why am I so into stripes all of a sudden!? It was literally £12 or something, which is such a bargain and I can see myself wearing it loads with skinny jeans or culottes! You could also wear it with a necklace, skirt and heels for an evening look!

What's your most recent bargain buy and where do you shop for basics?



  1. For basics I definitely go to h&m or new look. H&M have some gorgeous stripy slouched jumpers in at the moment! x

  2. i love basic items ,they are fun to buy,comfortable and you can just throw them on and go.
    when i buy basics i go to forever21 and h&m, i find there really comfy ,chip and beautiful items.
    by the way love that sweater pattern!

  3. That's a lovely top, stripes are one of my favourites!
    Hannah x

  4. i'm loving the glittery/shimmery look to this!


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