Wednesday, 25 February 2015


With Spring only 23 days away, (I looked it up), I've found myself thinking about what I'll be wearing in the warmer months to come. More than anything I'm looking forward to bare-leg days in high waisted shorts and tucked in tees... but I'm also a fan of simple loose dresses thrown on with socks and sandals in summertime. Thoughts of late night BBQs in a dress and snuggly roll neck and barefoot picnics in the park are already dancing before my eyes! But hey, summer seems years away so let's get back to reality.

The other week I treated myself to this adorable pair of Office t-bar shoes thinking they'd look good in Spring/Summer with ankle socks... I can't wait to wear them with my dungarees! I was also recently given this dress by Lavish Alice*; I love the scalloped edge detail and it's a beautiful blue... I'm sure it'll be getting lots of wear when the weather FINALLY peaks!      



  1. Oh, I love this! And it gets me excited about spring!

  2. First of all: I ADORE the name of your blog! Oh and I also love the content.
    Which means I'll definitely have to stop by more often!

    - Lola /

  3. love this look so much!
    its cool yet chic

  4. I'm so excited for Spring! Love the outfit, all of it.

  5. I love this outfit! Love the shape of the dress and the coat, they go really nicely together!
    Hannah x

  6. the two piece, the scallops, the navy and burgundy combo, love it all!

  7. Perfect outfit! ♥


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