Sunday, 8 February 2015


Over the past few years I've found shopping for clothing very difficult. Not only have I had to worry more about paying rent than owning the latest trends, (London living is not cheap), but my taste has changed too and I've become a little confused in the transition. Whilst at Uni I opted for a rather boutique"y" look wearing mainly vintage and cute dresses, I now prefer a more sophisticated look featuring darker shades and sleeker silhouettes. I think growing my hair long has effected what I like wearing somehow too.

As you can imagine then, my wardrobe is now an eclectic mix of patterned blouses I never wear but can't seem to bring myself to part with alongside a cleaner, darker selection of Cos and The Whitepepper. This makes dressing in the morning very confusing.... "Who do I want to be today?"

Last weekend I put all of my ugly blouses, checked man blazers and vintage ditsy print dresses in a huge suitcase and I've hidden them under the stairs out of my life! Of course I've kept a few patterns and colours in my wardrobe; the electric pink, purple and green sheer checked blouse I picked up for £14 in a vintage store in Southampton for example, and a loud pair of high waisted 80s style shorts I've worn once but swear I will make more use of this summer.... I've also started some boards on Pinterest; Fashion Week and Style, which I pin inspiring outfits on to help refine both my personal style and styling aesthetic.    

I thought I'd given up on shopping - I always felt confused and disoriented and I'd always go home empty handed feeling a bit dead inside due to my loss of retail love. But then last Wednesday I paid a spontaneous visit to Topshop on my way home from work and found myself feeling not awkward, lost and overwhelmed but calm, collected and focussed. I scanned the sale rails, picking up a few bits here and there, before finding a really cute Sister Jane dress in the sale for £25. I tried everything on, you have to really, and ended up leaving with the dress and a simple ribbed funnel neck in navy, which I thought would look good under pinafores. I also picked up some new underwear, I love the knickers in the three for £10 section and always buy black so everything matches!

I'm not sure if my love of shopping has completely returned yet but I certainly seem better at it at least... finally! My main focus now is to refine my wardrobe and overall style so that I can literally get out of bed in the morning, throw something on and walk out the door looking effortless... I plan to do this by treating myself to a couple of new pieces each month, and I'd like to buy more investment pieces that I know will last. Dr Martens shoes, Cos coats, things like that.



  1. I really do adore your writing and style. :) Love the golden light in these shots too.

  2. Love this look! you look adorable

  3. This outfit is adorable on you! You really have this schoolgirl cuteness going on with the hair, glasses, and tights. I also love that you instantly hit the sale section. That's what I always do!

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