Monday, 1 December 2014


Happy December the 1st! We can now officially get excited about Christmas without those who're less enthusiastic about "the most wonderful time of the year" saying it's too early! Yup, on Saturday evening my housemates and I definitely made minced pies whilst listening to Christmas tunes... and we may have even watched Elf last night... it's never too early!

I actually struggled with my Christmas list this year... my Mum has been asking me for one for at least a month but as excited as I am I just haven't had the time to browse the internet looking for things I may want or need in the coming year. I finally managed to compose a small but sweet list consisting of a few fashion bits, some books and of course, a bottle of Baileys... here it goes!

1. Happy Socks

2. Bobble hat from Asos

3. Blog Life e-class by A Beautiful Mess

4. Edie: American Girl

5. Knitted Roll Neck Dress by Cos

6. A bottle of Original Baileys

7. The Wes Anderson Collection

8. Leather Desert Boots by Cos

9. Not that Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

10. Checked Shirt Dress by Cos

11. New hair straighteners


  1. So excited to receive 'Not that kind of girl' this Christmas too!
    I actually love a lot of these things on your list! Hope you get them all

  2. This is an interesting wishlist :) I am obsessed with the Baileys flavours like mint, chocolate and caramel <3

  3. Great list. Thanks for sharing and Happy Tuesday.

    Eye See Euphoria :


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