Thursday, 30 October 2014


On Monday Matt and I took a little research trip to the Barbican where they're currently holding the exhibition 'Constructing Worlds';

   "Constructing Worlds brings together eighteen exceptional photographers from the 1930s to the present day who have changed the way we view architecture and perceive the world around us.

From the first skyscrapers in New York and decaying colonial structures in the Congo, to the glamorous suburban homes of post-war California, and the modern towers of Venezuela, we invite you on a global journey through 20th and 21st century architecture.

Featuring over 250 works, this exhibition highlights the power of photography to reveal hidden truths in our society."

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the older works as opposed to the more modern photography; for me, the highlights were Stephen Shore's 70s work and I also really enjoyed the section about Thomas Struth who took some amazing architectural images in the 90s. I highly recommend checking it out if you're into photography and architecture, (it's on until 11th January). Also, what a perfectly fitting location for such an exhibition! The Barbican Centre resides right at the heart of the Barbican Estate, which is a fascinating, historical structure itself! Matt took a few snaps whilst we were there... we'd love to shoot there one day.    

After our Barbican adventure we walked to Haggertson through Shoreditch to pick up some samples. Sometimes it's so refreshing just to walk through London... I spend so much of my time on the tube underground and miss out on so many interesting things above! As it was quite a relaxed day I wore a loose t-shirt, a pair of old black jeans and my DMs. It actually wasn't quite cold enough for a jacket so I opted for a beanie and my gorgeous new cardigan from Warehouse* instead, which kept me warm enough. It's so soft and cosy, I can see it coming in handy this winter... if we ever have a winter that is! 



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  1. Such a lovely cardigan!
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