Friday, 10 October 2014


As many of you already know, I recently left my full time job and decided to go freelance as a stylist/styling assistant. This means that I now spend a lot of time running around London with bagfuls of samples or crouched down on my knees tying model's shoelaces... it took no time at all to work out that my wardrobe isn't particularly "stylist friendly". I'm in desperate need of more pairs of practical trousers, trainers and plain t-shirts and have come to the conclusion that simplicity and practicality are key, alongside comfort of course.

Footwear. Reliable shoes are so important when you're going to be on your feet all day. I tend to live in my knackered old Dr Martens because they're comfortable, kinda waterproof, and I can't really trash them any more than I already have whilst bent down in awkward positions or carrying heavy equipment. My wonderful boyfriend Matt bought me a new pair in cherry red for my birthday so i'll probably switch to wearing those soon. What I don't have however is a comfy pair of trainers, which are great for running around in! I've seen a lot of creatives wearing Converse and I wouldn't mind a pair of Adidas Stan Smiths because they'd be waterproof too!

Now that its a little cooler, stretchy skinny jeans are probably my go to item cos I love how they look with oversized, slouchy shirts and jumpers. I have an old pair that I've been wearing for years but I'd love some from the Urban Outfitters range cos they have great high waisted styles. I'm also desperate for a bag to keep my styling kit in; at the moment everything is just rattling around at the bottom of my handbag! I've seen a lot of Kanken bags around and am thinking of getting one of the classic designs in navy or ox red to use for my styling kit. I'm going to buy a Nicce lightweight jacket to keep in there too so I always have a waterproof jacket with me!

Do you have any favourite items of clothing that you like to wear or need to wear for work?


  1. I bought my doc Martens 6 years ago, and still have yet to wear them in. I have the dark floral boots and they are just perfect, but every time I put them on it's like agony!


  2. i have a bright yellow kanken & i love it! they're pretty waterproof too - i recently got caught in a torrential downpour & it held up better than any other bag i own would've done.


    p.s. bright yellow isn't the most practical colour though, it's cute but getting a bit grubby...

  3. Congrats on your new stylist job! What an amazing career that must be :) I don't own a lot of practical clothing otherwise I'd give you some advice on your new work wardrobe! x


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