Friday, 19 September 2014


Woah, sorry for the lateness, I will try to get the rest of my images from LFW organised and up on the blog by this evening! Then I need to catch up with what's been going on in Milan as thus far I've only seen snippets on instagram!

On Tuesday, when London Fashion Week was winding down, I decided to break in my new Dr Martens, which were an early birthday present from the wonderful Matt Lain! They started killing me after about three hours... which I felt was pretty good going! I then spent the rest of the day hobbling around central London, very chic. Regardless of the pain, I love them, they're beautiful, I intend on living in them for at least a year. 

Another key feature of my outfit was my new Beyond Retro backpack*. It's a beautiful plum colour and is nice and roomy so I can fit lots of crap in it! I wore it with my gorgeous new Halston Heritage dress*, (I need to get some snaps of it worn on it's own soon so you can all see how breathtaking it is), and also a cosy Boden cashmere jumper.




  1. I love your doc martens, they look so lovely! I've recently bought some Doc Dolly shoes and I absolutely adore them :D
    - F -

  2. What a gorgeous ensemble. That skirt is incredible! <3

  3. love your dr martens too <3

  4. i just bought a boden cashmere knit in a bright pink (so not my usual colour but i love it!). do they wash well or will i need to resort to dry cleaning?

    becky x

    1. I wash mine on 30 degrees or a cold wash and they're fine :) xx


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