Wednesday, 11 June 2014


You'll have to bare with me whilst I catch up with the blogosphere… since moving house a couple of weeks ago I haven't had wifi! I have so much to tell you and promise to make time tomorrow evening to catch you up on everything!

I was recently sent this cute little outfit by Desire Clothing; I know such a bold statement isn't my usual cup of tea but as I'm feeling rather summery I thought I'd try something a little more colourful. Also I loved the last two-piece set I got so thought I'd try another - this time with a skort! Here I rolled up the sleeves of the top to make it a little "cooler" and I also added ankle socks to the equation cos, well, why not?

Admittedly I still don't feel 100% confident in this outfit… it's very loud and I'm not used to wearing so much pattern, let alone acid green! I love the idea of a skort though, it's so practical, and I also really like the t-shirt as although it's super bright I can dress it down with a pair of high waisted denim shorts in the day or a skirt for a night out…. the shoes are fab too, very comfortable!


  1. Loooove this two piece, looks great how you have styled it with socks and sandals too

  2. Your outfits give me life *__*


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