Monday, 23 June 2014


You can see part 1 of my German adventure here.

On Sunday evening we went to Tempelhof, a disused airport near Neukolln, to watch the sun set. It was most certainly one of the highlights of my trip, the size of the land was immense and there was a lovely, relaxed vibe where people were running, cycling, walking their dogs, hanging out with friends, singing, dancing, having BBQs…. you get the idea! It just felt so strange to be walking around on an aeroplane runway…. its a big place so I'd recommend hiring a bike if you visit!    

As always I was sporting my tartan Mod Dolly dress, and luckily it was cool enough for a lightweight roll neck too, which I love wearing, (okay okay I do miss my autumn winter wardrobe a little)! On our way home that evening we stopped at a bar that had loads of pretty, colourful lights hanging outside in the beer garden, and had cocktails. I had the strongest rum cocktail I'd ever encountered and then we went and took photos in one of the "Photoautomat" photo booths - best €2 I ever spent.

On our final day in Berlin, we arose at 8am, packed, tidied the apartment and checked out. We wanted to try and cram as much as possible into our last afternoon so started our day on a morning boat tour, which also supplied coffee and cake! We then headed back to Mitte for a while as I'd read that there -were lots of vintage shops there; Made in Berlin was really good.

I did enjoy my time in Berlin, walking around a new city discovering new things is one of my favourite things to do! I would like to go back again in 6 months or a year though to try and experience it in a different light… I would say that it's best to plan when visiting a city like this. We intentionally didn't plan in the hope of stumbling across hidden treasures, but although there are loads of unique, cool places in Berlin they seemed very far and few so we did end up walking around nothingness for a lot of our visit! I'd love to go back and go to more art galleries and museums etc too.

Highlights of my trip included the Santa Maria Mexican restaurant, cocktails in Kreuzberg, the Photoautomat machines, The Mauerpark flea market and Tempelhof airport.  


  1. Hey! Love your photos of Berlin! I went a few weeks too :) I'd recommend staying in Kreuzberg next time cause there is so many nice places to go there. And also head over to prenzlauer berg, there is so many good streets! I just went and found so many good places :) I'll be updating my blog with recommendations too, just did my first post on Saturday too! Hannah x

  2. I love your outfits from these days. The colours are so natural and perfect ! Looks like you've had a great time. Like I said it's somewhere if really love to go and I guess this just persuaded me that bit more ! The runway looks amazing ! So cool but I can imagine it being strange too.
    Eb x

  3. I'd love to visit Berlin one day. I love your tartan dress xx

  4. i've wanted to go to berlin for ages! one day. some good recommendations for places too :)

  5. Beautiful shots! I'm actually hoping to book a long weekend away to Berlin for mine and Jack's anniversary. Would you recommend? The disused airport definitely looks worth checking out :) xxx

  6. Wow, I really love your style ! And your photos are great too ! You have perfect hair cut as well :-)


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