Saturday, 10 May 2014


When I was about sixteen I discovered Anna Sui Dolly Girl and have been dousing myself in it ever since. It's deliciously sweet and honestly, (to this day), the loveliest fragrance I've ever come by.... the only problem is that it discontinued about five years ago because that particular edition was "limited", I've therefore been buying it off of ebay ever since! I've been looking high and low for something to replace my beloved Anna in order to stop this ebay madness and last weekend whilst up in Norfolk I finally found a fragrance to match it!

.... Marc Jacobs Dot is perfect if you prefer a sweeter scent - I can't believe I'm silly enough to only just discover how great the Marc Jacobs fragrances are, duh.

Any way, enough about perfume, now for fashion! I was recently sent this cute little powder blue number by In Love with Fashion. It's such a different colour for me but I really wanted to try something fresh and more summery than my existing "autumnal all-year-around" wardrobe. I'm still not entirely sure I feel comfortable in pastel colours, (even though I do love to shoot them), but my Mum said that this dress was a really lovely colour on me.... and, well, Mothers know best!



  1. Very chic! Love the clean lines of the dress!

  2. I love the dress omg and Dot is one of my favourite perfumes! Marc Jacobs is one of those designers that just manages to make amazing things, full stop. His whole fragrance range is insanely good <3

  3. What size are you wearing? I think the colour suits you, although being someone who wears black 90% of the time I know how shocking it can be braving those pastel colours!


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