Thursday, 8 May 2014


Last weekend I visited Norfolk for the first time. I will get some more photos up for you soon cos it was super pretty, but for now here are some snaps of me, (in Norfolk), wearing my new JOA dress from Koshka! Admittedly I'd never actually heard of Koshka before, but they stock some amazing products by super cool brands so I'd definitely recommend checking out their site!

At first I wasn't sure about this dress on me; I love the overall style of it but as a rule I don't wear stripes and most of my clothes are quite loose whereas this is a little more fitted.... But after a day of walking around beautiful flower dappled Norfolk in it I'm completely smitten! It's actually a very flattering shape and the detail of the sleeves wrapped around the waist as well as the overlapping fabric at the back make it really interesting and unique. Also, it looks pretty cool worn in a variety of ways so you could always mix it up and do something different each time you wear it!

This is how it's designed to be worn, with the sleeves tied loosely around the waist; it actually has a bit of a Japanese feel I think. (It's a little nautical too).

Alternatively, it can be worn with the sleeves tied a little higher up - this has more of a cool, nineties vibe about it and is also quite flattering as it pulls in at the waist. I also tried it with the sleeves simply hanging down at each side, which is photographed below. I guess it looks pretty odd but I quite liked it anyway! Which way is your favourite?



  1. great look! cool skirt!

  2. Lovely outfit, even if as you said it looks a bit weird at first! (But honestly this place is so beautiful I was looking more to the background!)

  3. So cute, the back details on this are great <3

    The Quirky Queer

  4. This dress is absolutely awesome !

  5. it looks super cute on you, and you can totally pull off this look! i like how you're somewhat matching your surroundings too. bluebells are so pretty!


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