Thursday, 20 March 2014


Last weekend was bloody lovely! I spent Saturday styling and art directing a sci fi themed photoshoot - I was working with some fab designer pieces and the team was great so I can't wait to show you the finished images! I had a quiet night in with Matt that evening, watching Green Wing and editing photos, then on Sunday morning the weather was so beautiful that we decided to go to Springfield Park for a picnic!

These photos were taken by the canal in Clapton - I was wearing vintage high waist shorts with a Cure tee that I bought from a vintage shop in Southampton YEARS ago. I really should update my t-shirt collection.

After our picnic we went for a walk before I headed to Meroretro for a little blogger's event organised by the lovely Julia of Stylonylon. It was a wonderful afternoon, I will be sure to get some photos up for you soon. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Mmmm, this outfit is fab. I especially love the shorts and their length, as well as the cut of the tee. Looks rad.

  2. I love The Cure too :) Also really digging your outfit from the last post!

  3. Art director woah, what an ideal job!! It's so sunny, happy spring!xx

  4. Lovely shots! I know that path well :) Going to have to take some pics there too :) xx

  5. I absolutely love this outfit so much I don't even think I can express it with words ! Ahhhhhh !
    Eb x


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