Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Some of you may have already noticed, but I was recently gifted a new pair of glasses from Swag & Stare! If you haven't previously heard of them and are a glasses wearer then please do check out their site, they have such a cool collection of beautiful, vintage inspired frames! My old, cats-eye style were actually from Swag and Stare to! This time though, I went for something completely different and got a very light pink, rounded pair.

These photographs were taken on my last day in Devon over Christmas, over the weekend I had two nights at home in London before jumping on a plane to Aberdeen where I'm currently spending the week! Last night to celebrate the new year we went into Stonehaven town centre to watch a truly unique "fireball" display in which locals competed by swinging handmade balls of fire for about 20 minutes as they walked up and down the high street - sorry, I'm terrible at explaining things but it was essentially a parade with fire....? I was stood right at the front so did worry about loosing my eyebrows a few times - I will get some photos up for you when I'm home!

After the fireballs, which you can read more about here if you're interested, we watched a beautiful firework display before heading home rather hurriedly to get into the warm! I hope you all had a fab new year's eve, got to celebrate with your loved ones, and are looking forward to 2014! I would really love to share my new year's resolutions with you but I'm afraid I'm still deciding on them.... there are far too many things that I want to do with my life so feel I should narrow them down a little so I at least have half a chance at succeeding by 2015! Bare with me....




  1. I love the pictures, you're amazing <3

  2. I absolutely adore this outfit, and the glasses!

    Beautiful photography too, suits the outfit!

    Hope you have a happy 2014

    Emmie xx

  3. I really like that skirt! And you have such a nice style :)

  4. Your new glasses look perfect and sounds like your New Years was a fun one!

    not haute

  5. Hello lovely, where is that gorgeous jumper from? :) your blog is absolutely wonderful x

    1. It's from H&M, but they may have stopped selling it now as I bought a second in black in the sale just before xmas! xx

  6. your style is so cute! love the tartan skirt so much, so glad i found your blog x

  7. Loving the new glasses. Will definitely be checking out more of their styles. New glasses for a new year sounds like a great idea! X

  8. You've come to my rescue for glasses! I'm in desperate need but cannot find frames I like anywhere. Excited to purchase some from Swag & Stare! First time reading your blog, loving it - following you on Bloglovin now.


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