Saturday, 21 December 2013


We've all been there… faced with that impossible and daunting task of buying a new pair of jeans. Generally, when jeans fit my waist they're too tight around my bum, or if they do fit my bottom then I have a huge gap in the waistband. It's so frustrating! Last week however, I may have found a solution….

Levi's "Revel" jeans shape, lift and lengthen your body using a unique liquid shaping technology that controls the fabric's stretch in certain areas to lift and define. The denim itself has been carefully selected by the Levi's team, ensuring that it "feels as great as it looks" with a four way stretch that enhances your figure whilst also shaping to and moving with your body. It's also designed to NOT loose shape, meaning no more baggy knees, (hopefully)!

Levi's offer a "Curve ID fit system", which means that these Revel jeans aren't just available in generic sizes, but for each waist size there are also three different types of fit; Slight, Demi and Bold Curve, ensuring that you get the best fit for your figure type. I popped into the Levi's flagship store last week and got measured for my very own pair of Revel jeans and ended up walking away with a "Bold Curve". I was told that this is the best style for me because my waist is about six inches smaller than my hips.

These jeans are super comfortable, I'm really impressed with the stretch of the denim, and it's great that they actually fit me properly in the right places! I would recommend trying these if you do struggle to find well fitting jeans. They're around £90 but are a great investment buy; after my Mum saw me in mine she actually went and got herself a pair to!



  1. Love a pair of Levi's x

  2. Oh wow these jeans look great, Levi's are the best!

    I have just come across your blog and I adore your style!
    Will be tuning in frequently :)

    Emmie xx

  3. you look so cute in them!
    also,this sounds like a formula that actually might work. i can never buy new jeans and the only pairs i have that fit me right are all vintage and irreplaceable, so it's great to hear about new alternatives.

  4. I'm looking for ideal jeans ,like yours <3

  5. The fit is perfect on you, really impressive and, if you made it to the end of the day minus two baggy knees then they are a great investment


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