Sunday, 16 December 2012


I've always been fascinated by high fashion models, beautiful, strange, elegant creatures that they are.... let's face it, they're not "normal" are they? They're a superior race of evolved human beings. They're usually the ones who're bullied at school for being too tall, too skinny, flat chested or weird looking, then they're snapped up by modelling agencies and go on to rule the fashion world, leaving the bullies behind with dumbstruck looks on their faces.

I recently came across the lovely Alison Nix, an American model who, relatively new to the fashion scene, started her career in 2009 sporting long mousy brown hair. In 2011 she chopped it all off into a short bob, showing off her high cheekbones and strong jaw; it is with this hairstyle that I discovered her. My thoughts immediately went to Alexa Chung, that's who she reminds me of, with her edgy hair and long limbs.


A few weeks down the line when I researched her a second time, I was surprised to see that she'd bleached her hair blonde! At first I was a little disappointed as darker hair had suited her so well, but after watching her model tape I've decided that she's so breathtakingly beautiful, with characteristics to match, that she can pull off any hair style she bloody well wants! Which style do you think suits her best? 

Since starting her modelling career, Alison has worked with many women's clothing brands, including Acne, Kenzo and Stella McCartney. She's also appeared in the likes of Marie Claire Italy, Vogue Germany and Glamour; I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of her in 2013!   


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  1. She is so versatile, I'd love to be able to pull off any kind of cut and/or colour! I'll be looking out for her! xo


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