Saturday, 8 September 2012


Recently I was contacted by Unii Cosmetics who introduced me to their latest way of organising makeup - the Unii palette! The Unii palette allows you to organise your makeup in one compact case, which you can simply pop in your handbag ready for a night out. It comes with a magnetic plate, so that your "de-potted" makeup will stay in place, and also a mirror and thumb grip so that you can apply at your leisure when not at home. You can find more information about the Unii palette and which makeup will fit, here; I think it's a particularly great idea for MUAs who need to take bits and bobs out with them on location shoots!    

With makeup in mind, let me show you the makeup that I use...something that I've never done because I don't see myself as any sort of expert - it takes me about 5 minutes to prepare my face for the outside world. For my day to day look I use No7 coverup, Max Factor foundation and No7 powder, this creates a "matte" look. I then use a black eyeliner by Maybelline which I apply with a small brush, and Soap & Glory mascara which I got free with Elle magazine!

Here's an image of me without any makeup on, as you can see, I have quite a few blemishes and very dark circles under my eyes...something I literally hate about myself. To cover these imperfections, I first apply my cover stick over the "problem areas" and then apply foundation - then the matte powder which gets rid of any shine. As you can see, I've cut my own fringe...I'm poor and it was in my eyes...I really don't care if I look like a peasant :P I've also changed one of my nose studs to a small ring... 

  Collar: Kirsti Lee
Dress: AX Paris
Socks: Topshop
Boots: ASOS



  1. hope i have the same talent as yours so i could as well hide my blemishes... love the cat eye:-) hyped ur look btw.:-)

  2. Love the collar with that daisy dress :)

  3. I love your make-up, you do your eyeliner so perfectly!

  4. the collar looks so great w/the dress.

    J x

  5. The makeup organiser is so great for an organisation freak like me! Love it. I really love your dress too, the pattern is so lovely! x

  6. Love your dress, but those boots are fantastic.


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