Sunday, 19 August 2012

PRIMROSE HILL: My new Playsuit

Yesterday my boyfriend and I headed over to Chalk Farm to Primrose Hill from which you can see many of London's iconic buildings. It was so pretty and there was a really happy, laid back vibe; it's definitely one of my new favourite places! I wore my new playsuit which I bought in the online River Island sale for just £10!

I apologise for the crappy outfit photo, my camera clearly did not appreciate how bright the sky was! I had to wear my top button un-done, something that I don't normally do, (I like to button ALL the way to the top), cos it was too hot! I also added a black, skinny waist belt. I'm sat in my living room right now with both windows wide open and the sun beating in - it's going to be another uncomfortably hot day! I'm not complaining at all, it's nice to finally have a taste of summer, but I do wish I lived closer to a beach:/ How have you spent this weekend? Lots of beaches and BBQ's I hope!

Playsuit: River Island, £10
Lace Cycling shorts: New Look, £4
Socks: Primark
Dr Martens: Ebay, £33  

My first week at my new internship went well by the way, I'm basically a brand intern at a fashion PR company, and my main duties include sending samples to stylists, checking returned samples back into the system, generally keeping the showroom looking presentable and also showing clients around whilst they choose what they want. Sometimes stylists/clients can't make it into the office, so instead they send a list of the type of garment and shoe they want, so I get to pull the items for them! That can be fun, yesterday I chose some samples to send to Dazed and Confused.

There are also many other jobs here and there that I get given particularly if it's a quiet day, for example on Friday I had to book a few appointments, and also run out to Oxford Street to buy some wellies...things like that!


  1. I love primrose hill, such a gorgeous layed back part of london. You look lovely in your playsuit!

  2. It's hot in here too... and stay in the city to work is not so nice! Cute outfit, anyway.

    With love, Ladyfairy

  3. The playsuit looks great! And well done on getting the internship! It sounds interesting! Would be good to work alongside stylists and what not :D

  4. I've never been to Primrose hill- I'll be there on the next sunny day! You look lovely. Your hair colour is amazing!

  5. Your internship sounds like it's going pretty well so far!
    the playsuit is such a good bargain you picked up! love it!
    Krissy xoxo

  6. That playsuit looks so much more expensive than the great deal you got on it.
    Lovely photos too (:

  7. You look so lovely in this! <3

  8. This is quite possibly my favourite outfit ever of yours, you look stunning! AMazing styling! I'm pleased the first week went well, it seems like a really interesting internship! x

  9. This is my favourite outfit of yours! I love the retro vibe and my the photography is absolutely stunning!

  10. That playsuit is unbelievably cool, can't believe it was only a tenner! You must be a savvy shopper and a half. Love your style x


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