Tuesday, 14 August 2012


The other week I mentioned a pair of tartan trousers from River Island, the ones I fell in love with, but didn't buy straight away because they were too short in the leg - I couldn't stop thinking about them and so in the end I gave in and they now have a snug spot in my wardrobe! They are too short, but ankle grazers are still in this autumn/winter right? ;)

It's near impossible to find a pair of high waisted jeans or trousers on the high street, (if you know of anywhere that sells them please share - but I don't like the "three button" style that Topshop have), so I love that River Island have a range of high waist trousers and leggings! I'm desperate to get my hands on a classic 80's pair, but I'm yet to find any.   

I love the PU leather detail on the pockets of these trousers, and I also love the colours - I can't wait to wear them in the winter with boots and a big, warm coat! Yesterday I chose to clash a little and wore them with a hyper floral print blouse from H&M and my Dr Marten shoes.  

Peter Pan collar top: H&M
Tartan trousers: River Island
Dr Martens


  1. You look fab Toni! They really suit you! I saw a pair of tartan brogue type shoes in RI and I can't stop thinking about them! River Island's autumn/winter stuff is amazing!

  2. I was literally going to buy these trousers yesterday... then I remembered I have a phobia of trousers! My friend only wears high-waisted jeans and she swears by these M&S ones:


    Apparently they're more like the Topshop Leigh Jeans than actual jeggings but they come all the way up to your belly button. I haven't tried them yet but they may be worth a shot! Good ol' M&S!

  3. love your purple docs with purple laces. love your haircut & your glasses too. and that whole look for that matter. coming from someone who just discovered your blog yesterday: your blog is awesome!

  4. you work them super fab.... i love your style.... + were londoners woop!

  5. Tartan trousers have been on my wishlist for a long time. The closest I've got is pink and turquoise PJ bottoms, but I don't think I'm ballsy enough to take the pyjama pants trend literally...


  6. you look lovely! i always roll up my trousers to make them ankle grazers anyway ;) i think i've only ever found high waisted trousers that i actually like in charity shops, but thats obviously a bit hit and miss!


  7. in love with this outfit

    just thought you should know

  8. I am in love with your glasses and your hair

  9. These are so nice! Love the way you've styled them, they really suit you :)


  10. Cool outfit, really like these trousers and top, nice combo ;)

  11. I love the trousers...I love the martens!

  12. You're so beautiful! *-*

  13. Ahh I saw these in the lookbook and wanted them straight away, and now I want them even more after seeing you style them! Ankle grazers are still very much in for A/W even though it's not exactly practical to have bare ankles on cold days haha!

  14. love these trousers! And with dr martens is exactly how I'd wear the, too.

    Brogan x


  15. Hi there, can you post up the link to those pants?
    Love from NZ


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