Thursday, 9 August 2012


Okay, so I love getting clothes through the post....but food to!? Today I received a tasty parcel from Krispy Kreme containing a selection of their delicious summer doughnuts, AND some pairs of Krispy Kreme sun glasses! If you hadn't heard of them before, (I only had my first last year), Krispy Kreme truly do make the BEST doughnuts and I highly recommend finding your nearest store! What's really cool is that in some areas you can order online to - tasty treats delivered right to you door!  


Before coming home and stuffing my face however, I headed East for an interview, (fingers crossed), and I wore a vintage tartan dress...I thought I was being brave merely leaving the house without a cardigan but it is BAKING outside so I was a little warm in the heavy cotton. (I do apologise for the poor image quality by the way, I broke my other digital camera on a night out so I've had to dig out the Canon I got when I was 15 - it takes BATTERIES!) 

Dress: Vintage, Charming Magpies
Socks: Primark
Dr Martens: Ebay



  1. I love krispy kreme!!! They do have the best donuts...they are especially good to eat when waiting at the airport.

  2. so jealous you got krispy kremes, they're the best!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  3. This dress is beautiful! I hope the interview went well x

  4. Nom nom nom - the best kind of parcel! <3 and your dress is beautiful; love that collar so much!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  5. They look amazing!!
    Love the Dr Martens, I really want some but just not sure which ones are for me.


  6. OH MY GOODNESS THOSE DONUTS ;~; All the Krispy Kremes closed down where I live! Sadness u__u Meanwhile you look great, and the pictures are wonderful!

  7. these look soo delicious. I had no idea that they delivered.

  8. your outfit looks so cute! the pictures are very nice and your blog is interesting <3


  9. dress are pretty cute and look inspirations for life style and gorgeous.

  10. Good luck with the interview! Krispy Kreme do the best doughnuts around, I'm so jealous! x

  11. I love this dress! Vintage <3
    Good luck with the interview sweetie :)


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