Monday, 30 July 2012


...My favourite issue of the year! On Saturday morning I received my September copy of Elle through the post and was immediately drawn in by the stunning Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who looks flawless on the front cover! The styling is also exquisite, it truly encapsulates what autumn is set to bring us; dark, feminine glamor!

One of my favourite things about Elle magazine is that it reminds me why I love fashion. Some days I'll be feeling a little down and wander why the hell I'm bothering to pursue this career - the fashion industry is sickeningly competitive and I'm not even sure if I'm "good enough" because I'm not massively outgoing and I don't have shit loads of money to splash on the latest trends. BUT, when I pick up a copy of Elle and flick through it's sweet perfume smelling glossy pages, I'm sure that this is what I want to do.  


  1. I love Elle magazine, I don't buy it as much as I use to but I may have to grab this one. It's crazy that in no time this year is almost heading towards Christmas! Time fly's and even more in the magazine industry :)

  2. Ooh I must admit I'm a bit obsessed with the D&G floral print at the moment! x Sushi

  3. Ooooh can't wait til this hits the shops, I LOVE Rosie!

  4. wow. the trends looks very good and i like the outfits <3 find your blog very interesting and good :)


  5. Elle is one of my favorites! I love the way you described your feeling when you pick up the magazine. You painted the picture in my head, and I can relate. Thanks for posting! xo


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    B&J, the TwinManiacs

  7. I know what you mean I feel the same sometimes about the industry x

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  9. I'm not one for magazines but I do love Rosie! It's good that it reminds you what you want to be doing, if you've got a dream stick to it! x


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