Saturday, 14 July 2012


As mentioned in my previous post, I bought these shoes last week because the weather in England is seriously appalling and I was in desperate need of something to keep my feet dry! I've been wearing them everyday to try and break them in...but now I have blisters:'(

My family visited my new[ish] London house this weekend! They live out in the sticks down in Devon, so it's quite a culture shock for them to be surrounded by a constant flow of [impatient] people - and I don't think they're a fan of the underground!! But any way its been lovely to have them up here and they really like my house and the area I live in.

This is what I wore on Friday; I actually got my Dr Martens from this ebay shop, I definitely recommend checking it out and keeping an eye on it for discount brands! The jeans are from River Island, (I hate wearing jeans, I think they're unflattering and boring), and the blazer is vintage. I bought the blouse, which is also vintage, from Glastonbury festival...I'd actually forgotten that I even had it!  

I may have some exciting news...I shall keep you updated. Hope everyone's having a great weekend!



  1. The jeans look great on you. Unstoppable rain here in Amsterdam as well, let's hope together for some sunshine. Kisses xx

  2. Great look! Kisses from spain

  3. I love your blog.Definitely following now! Check out my new blog and stay in touch! xx

  4. I love your green metallic top <3

  5. you pull jeans off really well! the blouse is lovely too xx

  6. The weather has been ghastly hasn't it?! It's been making getting dressed a bit difficult, I keep wanting to wear my summer clothes. I love your shoes, they're so cute and dainty! The jeans suit you so well, I love this outfit.

  7. I love your shoes, I really want the floral tapestry version of those DM's! I'm glad you're London living is going well, I'm going to pay a visit soon because I miss you! ♥

    1. Please do! We can go to the tate modern and get Starbucks :) xx

  8. Great outfit! Also have to say I love your new blog design!


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