Sunday, 22 July 2012


I read a blog post over at Coco's Tea Party the other day about how purple is a key colour for AW12. I've actually had an unexplainable dislike for purple for many years now, but with the help of my dark purple Dr Martens, it's growing on me again! The reason I wanted to post today, was to show you my new dress, which features purple - I won it a while ago from a giveaway held on Beyond Jackie. I really love the bursts of purple alongside the block black sleeves, which are a really cool length! 

The dress itself is actually far too short for me to wear comfortably, but I think it looks cute with cycling shorts any way^_^ What do you think of the colour purple, and will you be sporting it this autumn?   



  1. I love purple! Although black and red are my favourite colours, purple has this.. i don't know.. depth i guess?! I'll be sporting a very dark purple lippy this autumn! Also, beaut docs! I'm thinking about getting another pair soon, what colours would you suggest? I have the cherry red ones already! :D

  2. Purple's not really my colour, just never wear it! Maybe I should give it another try because you look great in it! :) xx

  3. Wow this look is amazing! You should wear purple now more often! xo

  4. Your dress is really suits you! I knw what you mean about short dresses, some short dresses I would never dream on wearing bare legged.

  5. tees and cycling shorts, love this combo.
    you look great!
    meh I'll stick to wearing purple on the lips.

    J x

  6. Adore your style, you look amazing! *followed* xx

  7. Absolutely LOVE this tee/dress on you <3

  8. I really do ADORE this look. The print, the lace shorts, the sheer socks - perfection! xx


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