Sunday, 29 July 2012


On Friday evening my housemates and I cooked a delicious meal of Mexican food and sat down to watch the Olympic opening ceremony; I wasn't blown away by the performance, but there were some surprises and it was indeed very "British"! I thought it was hilarious when "Mr Bean" popped up on screen, and I'm so glad that they went through the ages of music and added some film classics in there to, because us Brits do have a fabulous history of film, television and music! The fireworks were pretty to of course....what were your thoughts and favourite bits?

After the first part of the ceremony we headed over to Camden and after much "um-ing and ah-ing" about where to go, we ended up in Barfly which was small and dingy, how clubs should be, and they played a great selection of tunes from the 1960's right through until the present day.

I wore my new shoes, which I'd bought from H&M earlier that day; I actually saw them a few months ago in Devon but they didn't have my size left, so I had to get them when I found them in my size in the Brent Cross store! They're so comfortable to walk in and I really like the bright yellow sole detail. I wore them with my favourite dress from Topshop which I rolled the sleeves up on because it was so warm, even when the sun went down! I'm aware how see-through the dress it by the way ;) Don't worry, I put cycling shorts on underneath before I went out! 


I'm sure you've already noticed, but I've changed the layout of my blog, yet again! I decided to scrap the "read more" thing and I've added a panel to the left, I hope you like it.


  1. Those shoes are gorgeous! Love how you've teamed them with those cute socks, you look lovely! xx

  2. Those shoes are amazing! I love the little neon strip at the bottom. I can't believe they're from H&M too, my initial thought was that they were by some high-end designer! I'm really too quick to judge sometimes!
    Your blog is really so pleasant to read! x

  3. i love every part of your outfit, especially that little collar!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  4. those wedges look amaze with the dress.

    J x

  5. super cute outfit! i would have worn a cute little belt with the dress for a diff look. great blog girl :)

  6. You look amazing! i love those shoes x

  7. om-friggin-god i want these shoes!!! major shoe ENVY. <3 miss you! <3

  8. You look amazing, love your shoes! I thought the Opening Ceremony was fantastic, it was so British and was so well done! x


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