Sunday, 3 June 2012


LEFT: Monday's outfit, Pepa Loves dress, socks and brogues. RIGHT: Yummy, healthy food!

I've been interning with Glass Boutique now for three weeks! Although it seems as though I've worked there for the same time it feels like the past few weeks have flown by! Well, time flies when you're having fun!
 LEFT: Won Hundred boots I've fallen in love with. RIGHT: My entry to our British competition!

During my third week some of my duties included continuing to update the blog, sending items out to customers, contacting bloggers to arrange exciting collaborations, writing articles and re-organising the stock room, (a very tedious job but I know it will be worth it when it's done!)

My goal over the next week is to get involved with established bloggers, such as your lovely selves, as much as possible and I'm also starting to contact publications to try and get involved with them to. I recently arranged a collaboration with Ebba Zingmark who published beautiful photographs of her wearing one of our Timo Weiland dresses - the response was great and I'm now on a mission to collaborate with bloggers as much as possible! (Don't be surprised if I drop you an email soon!)
LEFT: Craig & Dan walking ahead whilst we house hunt in London. RIGHT: My new Triwa watch!

On Thursday I headed up to London with my boyfriend and two of our friends to view some houses. Amazingly we found a place - (though not before venturing into some areas of London I truly would never step foot in again). It's a five bed and so we'll be looking for another housemate to move in, but the rent is affordable, the location is nice and the house itself is very clean and light which is what I really wanted. (It's all about the large windows and laminate flooring!) So, I should be moving to London next weekend! 

My next step is to find a part-time job to pay my rent! But for now, for today at least, I'm back home with my family in Devon relaxing. I hope everyone's having a great bank holiday weekend!   


  1. Ah those boots are ace! Yay for you finding a place though! I'm very lucky to have my parents living on the outskirts of London! So many of my mates have been finding it a nightmare to find places with affordable rent!

  2. cute pics! loooove the watch

  3. What an awesome job! I'm excited to see more, these photos look great. Good luck with this! :)

    Angela - The Lovely Cup

  4. wow that sounds great! You seem to enjoy your time :)


  5. that tshirt is rad. you're so lucky to land an internship, you must be very talented!


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