Monday, 28 May 2012


 LEFT: A really awesome Libertine Libertine shirt we sell. RIGHT: View from the train

Last week was my second week with Glass Boutique. On Monday I spent the first part of my afternoon out on location whilst my colleague, (there's your mention Adam), interviewed a guy called Danny who makes and sells Korean street food. There's such a diverse range of food being sold around London, I really should try to be more adventurous on my lunch break! I did get an interesting wrap on Wednesday actually from a place called Leon which sells lots of healthy food. I got a 'superfood wrap' which consisted of cucumber, lettuce, broccoli, peas, avocado and some other lovely green stuff topped off with delicious feta cheese! I will definitely be returning there sometime to try out more of the menu!  

Also on Wednesday another intern and I went out around Brick Lane to take some street style snaps for our facebook page. It was pretty terrifying to be quite honest, I'm not great at talking to strangers but oh well! Towards the end of the day I went to a PR meeting and drank cider on a lovely roof terrace. It was so sunny and cos I wear glasses I can't wear sunglasses, I was literally blinded!     
 LEFT: Casual interview. RIGHT: Superfood wrap from Leon.

This past week we've started our jubilee celebrations with our "Best of British" campaign. It's been fun because I've been working with some great British bloggers; check them out on our blog here!

I'm still really enjoying my time with Glass Boutique and feel as though I'm getting more confident in achieving my career goals by the day, hazaar! ^_^ My favourite part of the internship is definitely getting involved with bloggers - I guess because it's in my comfort zone and I get to be a little creative - and it's great when I get to pull outfits and nip out of the office to take photos. Actually, all of it is pretty fun and fashion PR is now certainly my main career focus for the next few years at least.  
Outfits from Wednesday and Friday

I've now left my part-time job in Southampton and have started looking for jobs in London, as well as flats...but I have no money! Stressful.


  1. Good luck Tony !! You can do this - shake off the stress and just put up a smile :)

  2. Yes, good luck you will fing one soon!!!! You have no money but at least you have that wonderful intern that make you fell happy!

  3. Best of luck! I'm honestly in awe of your blog and what you do - could I add it to my links? x

    1. Aw thank you, yes of course you can! I love the photography on your blog by the way, great effect! x


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