Tuesday, 8 May 2012


When i was about 10-years-old I remember begging my Mum for a pair of grey culottes for summer to replace my old school skirt. She bought me a pair and I thought I was so cool; it looked like I was wearing a skirt but indeed they were actually shorts, so l could do handstands and cartwheels to my hearts galore without flashing my knickers!

When I saw that culottes were making a comeback, (Rokit is full of them and I've seen some in Topshop), I was so happy! I rarely wear skirts or dresses out during the day through fear of exposing my dignity and so I'd much rather be wearing shorts throughout summer. Also I have a massive, (no pun indented), self image issue regarding my voluptuous bottom and so loosely fitting shorts instead of the tiny, tiny hot pants sold in Topshop are my summer savior!

I bought these from Charming Magpies on my last day working there for just £10!!  

I handed in my last ever university project today...I should feel happy and relieved but instead I just feel panicky!


  1. Really love this look. So few people could pull this off, I know I couldn't.

    K x

  2. Haha! That is exactly why I used to wear them when I was young...I cartwheeled all day long!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  3. These looks fabulous on you! I love the print! I bought a lilac pair from a charity shop recently for £3! xx


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