Monday, 7 May 2012


Some people think that buying brands is just a way of showing off. They think that people feel the need to have a brand name because somehow that gives them more credibility. But that’s really missing the point. People really buy brand names because the brand stands for quality and style.

A brand only becomes popular or desirable because it proves its worth. They do that by making desirable products that people want, and by making them to such a high standard that they earn a good reputation. In some cases, this process can take decades.

Brand history
Take Lacoste for example. The brand was first launched in 1933 by RenĂ© Lacoste. They began to produce simple clothes with their famous crocodile logo. They made these with such flair and quality that they garnered a reputation for being the best. But to get to the position they are in today has involved continually making clothes of a similar or even higher standard. That’s 75 years of being at the top – quite an achievement. There aren’t many brands that can claim a heritage like that.

Today, they make more than just their famous tennis shirt. They have branched out into shoes, perfumes, leather goods and much more. All of their products still bear the famous crocodile logo and they are all of an exceptionally high quality. When you buy a crocodile, you know you are getting the very best. It’s not going to date and it’s not going to lose its shape or wear badly. That’s what you are paying the money for – that guarantee and hallmark of quality. That’s what makes some clothing lines brands and others just forgettable names.

A good investment
Of course, you might have to pay a bit more for this guarantee but in life you really do get what you pay for. You could buy a similar shirt or shoes for less money but they will be of an inferior quality and wear badly. A few months down the line you won’t want to wear them any more and you’ve wasted your money. But when products are as good as Lacoste you keep them forever. That makes them a really good investment, both financially and in terms of style.

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  1. Totally agree! I got a Mulberry purse for my Christmas and whilst most people think three figures is an insane amount for a purse, I know it will be a LONG time before I have to replace it. Plus, it's beautiful! x


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