Thursday, 19 April 2012


These photos were taken yesterday, (well, earlier on today but it's now gone midnight!) My friend asked me to model for her final major project and of course I said yes, I'm always up for a photoshoot! We headed down to Bournemouth beach even though it was pouring it down with rain, but luckily we caught a dry spell and got a few snaps!

I've decided to stop being so lazy and play around with photoshop more, considering I have no idea what I'm doing these don't look half bad! Oh yeah, I applied for a job at Topshop head office a few days ago and received my generic email of rejection shortly after...I'm not looking forward to the next few months!! 

Goodnight xx

Model, makeup & retouching: Me
Photography: Dani 


  1. Great shoots! considering the grey days... the dress is gorgeous love the styling! x

  2. These photos are incredible, and of course you look amazing!! x

  3. These turned out really nice, despite the weather & I think you did a great job on the editing, love the grey-ish pinky/purple hues! Great dress too!


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