Friday, 27 April 2012


Today I had a lovely day! I had an interview at 1pm at Dorothy Perkins - it's just for a part-time, temporary position as a sales assistant but it would be really useful if I got the job as I'd really like to work for one of Arcadia's stores when I (hopefully) move to London in a couple of months. After that, rather than going home to stare blankly at my mac all day trying to edit photographs for uni - as I've been doing all week - I met Leigh for lunch and we went shopping.

I bought the beaded collar shown below from Topshop for £14. I personally think that's a little expensive considering I also bought a jacket today from New Look for just £8, but I bought it with an outfit in mind. I have a dress from Bershka that I picked up in London last month and I STILL haven't gotten around to wearing it because everytime I put it on I feel as though something is missing. It's a lower neckline that I would normally wear and so I feel bare...I'm hoping this gorgeous collar will be the missing piece of the puzzle! 

  Topshop £14

Topshop £3.50 SALE

 Printed bomber jacket £8 New Look SALE

Lace trim cycling shorts £4 New Look SALE


  1. fingers crossed that you get the job!
    love those necklaces

  2. Beautiful pics. Love the collar!
    Kate x

  3. sweet idea with the springy background!

  4. the lace trim short looks so nice.
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  5. lovely pictures! I'm following you now on bloglovin'. I really like your blog!!


  6. The pearls collar is a cute thing!

  7. I love that Topshop necklace, such a bargain!
    Your whole blog is great too, amazing style :)

    Lauren x

  8. have a great blog! I mostly buy on sale myself...I love all those staff you bought xx

  9. The collar looked good. Mind telling in which shop you bought it? I'm interested in buying my wife the same thing. I'm sure she'll love it since she enjoys wearing different accessories.


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