Saturday, 21 April 2012


I'd actually seen this jacket floating about the internet and thought that it was sold out, (only being able to find it for £60 by it now on ebay), but when I popped into town on Thursday I found it in Zara for £29.99! I'm a bit concerned about how delicate the fabric is, as some of the jackets in store seemed to be fraying, but the print is so gorgeous I got it any way. Happy Saturday everyone xx

Floral bomber jacket £29.99
Jeans: River Island
Flats: Topshop



  1. I love that I did a blog post on hyper florals and you said you love the trend so much, then I click onto your blog and I can see you really meant it! It's a gorgeous jacket. Zara is doing so well lately! xx

  2. I love the new presentation photos you are updating!
    and the bomber too!

  3. Eee these pictures are GORGEOUS dear! *_*

  4. Hy beautiful! Love your post! what do u say about following each other?:X

  5. The fliral print is the best in this jacket is different and it looks lovely :)


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