Monday, 2 April 2012


Undoubtedly my favourite fashion magazine, Elle is the only publication that I religiously sit down and read once a month...I find myself just flicking through the pages of everything else. Of course I do love looking at pages and pages of pretty pictures, but I find the written content in Elle inspiring and something which I can relate to so I really feel like I get my £3.90s worth!  

I found this months editor's letter, written by acting editor Jennifer Dickinson, particularly influential as she explains how and why 'Fashion is liberating' and 'INSPIRING' - I feel as though everything she mentions is 100% true! Clothes do make me feel good!

If you haven't purchased it or received a copy in the post already then below is a sneaky peak at what you can expect in Elle's May issue. What's your favourite fashion magazine?



  1. Elle is definitely on my list of favourite fashion magazines! Obviously Vogue is up there aswell, but I especially like reading Company :)
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  2. I do love the clasics like Vogue and Elle but I love Pop magazine, Numero, Schon, Colors, LOve, uff there is so many good ones..

  3. I love Elle more than any other magazine too. Vogue is amazing, but I find it too arty-farty. Elle says, "Well, people don't actually dress like the outfits on the runways" and they show how trends can be applied to REAL life and women. I loved Jenny Dickinson's letter too. I feel like always having to defend my interest in fashion journalism and she summed it up nicely. xx

  4. I also like Elle so much, as well as Vanity Fair and Glamour ! I like it when I can read articles instead of just seeing pictures and those are the best to me. Kisses

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  5. I love Elle!!! I really like the floral long dress in the 4th picture, it is so cute!
    I really like your blog! I am your newest follower!
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  6. This is a beautiful editorial and I totally agree - Elle strikes a great balance between stunning visuals and written content.


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