Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Today my order from River Island arrived, which was a lovely surprise considering they use the delivery service 'Yodel' who are AWFUL. Has anyone else had any bad experiences with them? I bought myself a pair of light 'acid wash' jeans for summer, as all of my jeans were dark colours so these should brighten up my outfits^^ I also treated myself to a new dress, well, a t-shirt dress actually, which is gorgeous but didn't photograph well so I'll just show you a snippet for now until I can get photographed wearing it! Whilst browsing I also came across a pair of PU leather shorts in the sale for just £15! Bargain.


  1. are those high-waisted? maybe it's just me, but I have a hard time finding a high-waisted pair that isn't american apparel. do you have any suggestions where to look? thanks! also: looking forward to the dress!

    1. No they aren't unfortunately but River Island are selling a few pairs of high waisted jeans at the moment! The only problem is, they only sell one length...I ordered a pair and when I tried them on they were a good 2 inches too short and I'm only 5'7"!! :( Gutted cos they fit beautifully up top, I've linked you to a pair below x



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