Monday, 5 March 2012

OUTFIT INSPIRATION: A Picnic in the Park!

I see myself wearing this outfit on a lazy Sunday afternoon spent having a picnic in a park with friends, I love picnics! Alternatively, if I end up going on holiday this summer, which I'm hoping to, maybe I wouldn't mind wandering around Copenhagen or Berlin in a cute little outfit such as this!^^

1. Beige floral lace dress from LOVE, £40
2. Black and gold sparkle calf-high socks from American Apparel, £8
3. Leather T-bar shoes from Topshop, £55

I liked this dress from when I first saw it on the website, but then I saw it being worn HERE, and now I love it! I purposefully went onto American Apparel's website to look for a pair of socks I could use for this outfit inspiration post, and it was only then that I discovered what a lovely selection of socks they have available at the moment. I think I may actually have to do a large sock order from them soon, I just want lots of ankle/calf length for summer...their stuff can be a bit pricey though.

Ah, those shoes! I originally wanted a similar pair from Topshop in black which were cheaper, but now I've seen these they've won my heart! Only problem is, I can't decide between white or black!? Both would look so good in different ways with different outfits! What colour do you think I should get? You can see the black pair HERE.  


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