Monday, 6 February 2012

'THAT' bag...

...everyone has one, a bag that's they've used so much that it's literally falling apart! Mine is a nautical design by Loungefly which I picked up down the lanes in Brighton for about £40 when I was just seventeen. That means that I've had this bag, and used it pretty much everytime I've left the house, for four years now! Wow, I'm definitely due an upgrade! 

All of the zip sliders that I use have fallen off, the bottom panel of material is coming away from the rest of the bag and it's just generally knackered and fraying. This brave bag has survived a very wet and muddy Reading festival, an even wetter and muddier Glastonbury festival and has traveled to France and Finland! Despite all of our history however, I think it's finally time to move on and replace this old trooper. So as of now, I'll be keeping an eye out for a bag which will suit my every day needs and be as good to me as this one has, wish me luck!

I had university today, my favourite unit which is called 'Fashion Freelancing', and I wore my new coat again! Unfortunately I had to leave half way through one of my seminars because I had a headache worse than any I'd ever experienced in my life! It seems to have cleared up now with pain killers so fingers crossed I'll feel better tomorrow.

Headband: £2.50, Claries
Vintage blouse: £9 Cancer Research (Winchester)
Scarf: £8 Charming Magpies
Brogues: £40 Office
Coat: £5.50, Charity Shop
Bag: Loungefly 



  1. Oh!Your bag is so cute!!
    Perfect style and beautiful photos as ever!

  2. i really love this style!! great layering & combination ♥

    cheers, izzaura


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