Monday, 13 February 2012

The Devil Wears Prada

Sorry this is a little late, I've been a busy bee! Just wanted to share with you the outfit I wore on Saturday night to a gig and then out for a dance. I don't normally wear jeans or trousers of any sort out in the evening but it was so cold and I didn't want to look too overdressed at the gig, (even though I'm still pretty sure I was the most bright and colourful person there and stuck out like a sore thumb but nevermind!)

Anyway the blouse and cardi are both vintage, it's my FAVOURITE blouse and I love the colour of the cardigan, I just think that the two really compliment each other so I like to wear them together! I think I may break soon and buy the Topshop t-bar shoes even though I really can't afford to...shall I just get them and worry about money another day? ;) My friend and I were talking today and it turns out shes had her eye on the white ones! I may also invest in some more headbands whilst I'm growing my hair.

Headband: £2.50, Claires
Earrings: Mum's wedding earrings
Blouse: Vintage, Beatnik Emporium
Cardigan: Vintage, £5, A friend
Jeans: £29, River Island
Shoes: £10, Office


  1. You should smile more often! Cheers!

  2. I have the silver versions of those Office shoes! They're starting to fall to bits now, and I'm so in love with them. x

  3. Excellent blend of colour!!

  4. ah! Great colors!!!! And i would fight for your jacket!

  5. wow you are beautiful.
    I really like your blog :)<3

  6. Sweet look, love the shoes! Ah, and it's so cool you grew up in Plymouth, I love it there! X


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