Sunday, 26 February 2012

OUTFIT INSPIRATION: Topshop Gothic Glamour

I must admit, I went off of Topshop for a while...their prices can be quite high and I hate owning the same clothes as everyone else. BUT, recently I just can't seem to stay away, they have far too many beautiful items to offer and I've been browsing their online store regularly, teasing myself with clothes I can't afford, (gosh I hate being a student). Here's an outfit from Topshop I wish I owned, but don't, sigh.

1. Poppy lace dress by Jones and Jones, £60
2. Ankle socks, £5
3. KONFETTI fine glitter lace ups, £60

The shape of this dress is divine, the sleeves will cover upper arms, (I don't know if any one else has an upper arm complex but I seem to!), and the box pleats in the skirt give it body and structure. The lace detail is glamorous with a hint of Gothic yet sophistication and well, who can resist a peter pan collar!? I would pair this beauty with these stunning glitter brogue style shoes and a pair of simple black ankle socks to keep the black theme running through the outfit.  

By the way I have a sponsored giveaway coming soon, I've chosen something nice and summery for you to win, exciting!


  1. omg I have the same complex !!!! Love your blog always :)

  2. I love the dress, anything with lace!

  3. The dress is lovely! I like the brogues too, but you could easily make glitter brogues yourself :)

    Catherine, XO.

  4. My friend recently brought these shoes, she says they are the best buy she has made so far! Too bad for me I'm not a size 6... They're even more gorgeous in really life, too!

    Gah, jealous! xxx

  5. This looks like it would be such a fantastic outfit to wear!

  6. That would make such an amazing outfit, the dress is beautiful xx

  7. This whole outfit is amazing xoxo

  8. really nice choice of clothes there! especially loving those shoes, so so pretty! i agree with you that topshop has become more expensive, such a shame for students:( X

  9. i love the lace-dress. its put together nicley
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    Have a wonderful day!

  11. I'm just discovering your blog! I love it!

  12. love. want.
    also share your complex.

  13. LOVE this post and love your blog
    Definitely following, check mine if you like

    xx Magna


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