Wednesday, 29 February 2012

OUTFIT INSPIRATION: A Night out in the City

When I go out 'clubbing' I tend not to take my outfits too seriously, of course I put effort into selecting what I wear, but I think if you're going out to get trollied and potentially make a fool out of yourself anyway, you may as well have fun with fashion! I usually wear high waisted shorts when I go out dancing because it gives me the freedom to move without flashing my knickers! But then...I do dance like a bit of a lemon ;) Here's an outfit I would like to wear out. 

1. Sequin vest, £40, Topshop
2. Unicorn printed hotpants, £34, Topshop, (out of stock, sorry ladies)
3. Super high wedge, £60, ASOS 

I wanted the sequin top as soon as I first saw it in a London store, I visualized it to fall nicely and look elegant yet a bit rock and roll paired with a pair of vintage high waisted levis...and then I remembered that I am not Kate Moss and that it would never look as cool as I wanted it to any way...and I walked away from it's £40 price tag. 

I really need to buy myself some super high heels and I feel a wedge is a good place to friend and I have decided to start wearing heels more often cos let's face it, they do make your legs look great! These lace ups are £60, which is pretty pricey, but they are gorgeous and would definitely make most of my outfits look 10X more awesome! 

Keep an eye open for my giveaway which I'll be posting information about tomorrow!^^ 


  1. I love those unicorn shorts! I'm gutted I never bought them before they sold out :( xx

  2. those shorts are super cute x

  3. I was admiring these online the other day! I have a pair of wedges exactly like that but I got mine from my works shoe store so I got them 50% off! Best buy ever. I ended up paying $5 AUD because they were already on sale hahaha

    Ra xx

  4. Amazing shorts and shoes. This is such a cute outfit idea!

  5. I LOVE those shorts, they're awesome!

    The Deer Head


  6. ah love this outfit! i have the jeans version of those shorts, super cuute! hurry up topshop & make some more ha :D

  7. I've had my eye on the sequinned top for ages and I'm definitely gonna buy it as part of my Topshop uniform (I work there!) I was thinking of wearing it over a bright pink slip dress. I also think the unicorn shorts are really cute. xx

  8. Love the sequin top and wedge boots!

    Kirsti xx

  9. Ooooh! I looove those items! Shorts- BEAUTIFUL! ♥

  10. I'm always wearing heels because I'm way way short... wedges are a great start, and super comfortable.. this outfit is awesome, loving all the pieces!

  11. Love it!!!!!


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