Saturday, 4 February 2012

New Coat

I found this lovely dark teal top coat in a charity shop yesterday for just £5.50, it originally had shoulder pads which were far too wide for me and so I took them out. I'm so happy because I've been wanting a warm winter coat for so long, and this past week has been freezing so this purchase was definitely a good one! I'm going to be wearing my new coat with leggings or tight skinny jeans because it creates a very simple, effortless and yet flattering silhouette which is very complimentary of my legs. Wearing larger items up top is a great way to slim your legs! 

These images were taken earlier using my new camera lens, i can definitely see a difference in quality in comparison to my old outfit posts, can you? I was photographing a 'Snow White' themed shoot which went really well. I'll post the final images later! 

Coat: £5.50 Charity Shop, Southampton
Scarf: £8, Charming Magpies
Boots: Asos, a gift


  1. The image quality is actually amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing the shoot.

    You really did find this coat just in time as it's absolutely freezing! It's such a gorgeous colour too! xx

  2. Such a gorgeous coat! What a great find - so jealous. plus, i love the shoes so much x x x

  3. Wow I really love your coat, it has a beautiful color!

  4. what a bargain! looks gorgeous on you x

  5. Coat is amazing - love this shade of green!

  6. 5 pounds 50 for a coat!? You're so lucky! and i love the colour! xx


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