Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Just a Grey Day in Devon: Jaeger Jacket

Yesterday I went back to Devon to visit my family literally for 24 hours...I got home again this evening. It was short but sweet and gave me the break I needed from city life in order to focus my thoughts. Whilst there I nipped into a few charity shops and picked up this lightweight vintage Jaeger jacket for just £6 - I already have a tweed jacket of a similar style but it's heavier so this one will come in useful this spring. 

 Label from the 80s

My family's dog, Alfie

Jacket: Jaeger, £6, Charity shop
Black t-shirt, Ebay
Black skinny jeans, £29, River Island
Brogues, £40, Office


  1. I love it, is kinda boy-ish but you still look so cute <3 the camera necklace is cool!


  2. I love the necklace :) You always seem to find such great things in op shops when I go with my friends we have to spend hours to find just a few good pieces. What's your secret?

    1. Well, my key tactic is to bring my Mum with me! She's been hunting down treasures in Charity shops and at car boots forever and she always has a good rummage which I tend to shy away from...but it definitely depends on the town or city you're shopping with. You'll find much nicer bargains if you're in a rich area!

  3. great charity shop find! and your family's dog is so cute :)

  4. toni you need to give me some tips on finding these great pieces at charity shops! you always seem to have the best finds. Birmingham is lacking, but maybe because I don't know where to look! Heeelp! xx

  5. the shoes are lovely - i'm wearing quite similar ones today - i love them! and your jacket is great!

    xx mika

  6. I like those images, cool, x

  7. I love your jacket! Such an amazing find and such a bargain! xx

  8. just discovered your blog on IFB and i really love it, now following! I also have a vintage jaeger blazer!


  9. such a great finding, love your vintage blazer! and the brogues too ♥

    cheers, Izzaura


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