Tuesday, 7 February 2012

In her wardrobe, EVERY girl needs...

At least one pair of black skinny jeans, nothing special! I have only just, FINALLY, gotten around to buying myself a pair of black skinny jeans, which truly are the key to any simple outfit, day or night! They're flattering and go with absolutely anything and everything! I got mine from River Island. I ordered online and had a little bit of trouble with the awful delivery service, but it was worth the wait because they're comfortable and well made. I also ordered a pair of high waisted but they were about three inches too short in the leg so I'm taking them back.  

Although I'm only a 32" leg, I always buy a 34" because I like the ruffled affect achieved around the ankles when my jeans are slightly too long...also I HATE ankle biters when I haven't intentionally bought them to be so because I'm always wearing silly socks!

As well as two pairs of jeans I also bought an adorable little black prom style dress in the sale. I'll get a photo up soon! I don't mean to bore you with endless images of me wearing this green coat...but this is what I wore into uni today!

T-shirt: Beatnik Emporium
Coat: £5.50, Charity Shop 
Jeans: £30, River Island
Dr Martens: Ebay


  1. I don't actually have any myself, though I agree that they are a definite staple (especially in this weather!) x

  2. hope you're making this a series!! I have a pair of high waisted skinny jeans from american apparel, they are awesome. I could wear nothing else because of the instant wow-effect they have, but that'd be kinda boring ... I'd recommend them though, they stretch a little and make a great silhouette.

  3. Ooh I'm wearing my favorite black skinnies right now! They're the greatest :)

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  4. What a lovely coat! Sometimes I wish my fur coat had a hood - then I realise how ridiculous I would look! Also great idea creating that fashion network on Facebook, going to be so useful for us all to stay in touch x

  5. I don't even have jeans in my wardrobe atm.. I need to get some soon! x

  6. My last ones ripped :( I miss them so much. So much easier to wear than skirts! xx

  7. Anbsolutely agree. I live in my black skinnies most of the week. I prefer them to be more jegging type. Love your outfit, your coat is a gorgeous colour.
    Amazing as always :)


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