Thursday, 9 February 2012

Fringes & Spectacles!

Today I got a fresh new fringe, very Rooney Mara inspired, and also picked up my two brand new pairs of glasses from Specsavers. Completely ignoring the fact that I'd have to pay more money, this time I decided to get TWO pairs so that I could change between them when I feel like it^^  



  1. The second picture is beautiful! Fringe and those glasses look very professional :) xx

  2. hi toni. u look so cute in here!
    this effect is really easy to achieve. I just took some pictures against a white wall using a strong flash light and edit them a bit (bright, contrast and color). I'm using Photoscape, which is really simple and has some nice filters, maybe u'd also like it (u can download it for free) ^^ thank u for ur comment xxx micha

  3. Ooh I love them both! Your fringe looks gorgeous, and I love that you took inspiration from Rooney Mara! :D

  4. loooove the granny 80s like pair!

    J x


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