Saturday, 18 February 2012


Yesterday I dressed at the Maria Grachvogel show at The Savoy hotel. It was a really different experience to my previous times spent backstage at a fashion was very relaxed and spacious with lots of people sitting about chatting and it was just generally a nice atmosphere. Unfortunately in working this show it meant that I missed PPQ because there was a slight cross over, but it was good to do something new any way.

I wore a black dress with a leopard print peter pan collar, belted and with black tights and black glittery brogues. I also had my green top coat and Urban Outfitters bicycle bag with me - sorry I didn't manage to get a picture! Here are some images from backstage.

You can see the Maria Grachvogel AW12 collection HERE.


  1. Ace pictures, I'll have to have a look-see at the collection! Your outfit sounds lovely even though you didn't get a photo! X

  2. I love behind the scene photos! Looks amazing xxx

  3. I know the model from the modelling card :) I have photographed her 2 times :) ! she is amaaaazing and is going to be so big now since she moved here to London!


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