Saturday, 28 January 2012

What I wore when

Hooray! I'm feeling better after sleeping for two days with a high temperature and headache so today I actually left my house and took some photos of a local band for my friend's university project.

I got this months issue of Elle through the post this morning and I was happy to see Alexa Chung on the front - I haven't had a chance to read it yet but did see that the freebie was a Soap & Glory mascara! I gave it a quick try and took some before and after photos for you, the light was really odd today and kept changing so my eyes look different colours in each photo!



I must say I'm pretty happy with the results, especially as it was free! It elongated my lashes rather than thickened them but I don't usually like to wear heavy mascara any way so I don't mind. Also I'm sure if I put more on they would look thicker. I cut my fringe this morning, sigh, when will I learn!? It was majorly in my eyes and I don't want to waste money on a hair cut just yet, I'd rather wait until I go home and go to my regular's not TOO wonky any way ;)   

This is what I wore today, it was bloody freezing so i wish I'd worn jeans to be honest! I'm going over to my boyfriend's now to have chicken burgers for tea! I'm going to bring my Elle so I can read it this evening when he's being boring!

Knitted animal top: A gift
Coat: Charity Shop
Shorts: £40, Vintage
Boots: A gift


  1. That mascara looks amazing, but more importantly, YOUR EYES ARE INSANE. HOLY COW.



  2. Glad the mascara is good- I haven't used it yet. I love getting ELLE through the door, especially when it's as thick as this month's issue!

  3. you have such beautiful eyes! I love them! Thanks for following me, lady! Following you back XOXO

    love, polly


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