Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Today I bought...

Today I popped in to town to try and find some more birthday presents for my boyfriend, instead however, I ended up heading home with a handful of nice new things for myself! As shown above, I bought the two latest Vampire Diaries books...judge if you like but I have the whole collection so there's no point in stopping now! ;) 

Craig's birthday is on Saturday, and so I wanted something new to wear out - something posh! I found this lovely little silk number in the Zara sale for just £22 reduced from £50. It's completely not my normal style because it's so 'pretty', and also colour doesn't usually suit my hair, but the sheer black panel breaks up the colour nicely so I think it looks okay with my complexion. It's a little longer than I would normally wear to, it reaches to just above the knees, but I think this will suit the style of the place we're heading out to any way.

I love the square shape of the neckline, the mesh panel and the rolled up sleeves, I get an overall vintage feel from it which I like. The strange thing about this dress though is that the seam runs all the way down the front and there's also a split right in the middle at the front. My friend and I thought it was on backwards at first but the label and neckline definitely suggest that I had it on the right way. I don't know whether to wear it backwards just to avoid the strange front seam!?

I only really have one pair of heels that are comfortable enough to wear out, and so it only seemed right to buy myself a new pair to wear with my new dress! My friend bought an amazing pair of peep toe wedges and I got these simple, strappy court shoes for £22 from New Look. I'm going to wear them with a pair of black, polka dot ankle socks - I'll make sure I take a photo of my planned outfit on Saturday evening!  


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  1. I almost bought that dress too, but it was much more expensive in Belgium, even on sale! It's so pretty!



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