Sunday, 15 January 2012

Reasons to steal your Boyfriend's clothes

You may not have noticed, but I love wearing men's clothes, and this is one of the many reasons why I love having a boyfriend! I'm not sure if I enjoy stealing pieces from his wardrobe because his clothes suit my sometimes androgynous style, because they're more comfortable or because it gives my outfits more variation and a unique quality. To be honest, probably all of these aspects play a part in me acquiring sticky fingers when I'm browsing through his wardrobe...well let's face it, I bought most of the good stuff for him anyway! ;)  
Reasons to steal borrow your boyfriend's clothes

1. You can wear them loose, which is nice and comfortable! 

2. In wearing something oversized up the top, you're legs will look slimmer!:)

3. He'll love how small and dainty you look in his baggy shirt ^_^

4. Oversized band tees look amazing tucked into high waisted skirts/shorts

5. You'll have more choice when putting together outfits! (It's like having two wardrobes)

I always admire girls I see who can pull off her boyfriend's wardrobe as well as her own. If you relate the look back to the 1960's skinhead girls, in a way, they're kind of sticking a middle finger up to how society tells them to dress and present themselves! Love it! Oh, speaking of skinheads, I did a skinhead inspired photoshoot today for a local photographer, I'll get the photos up here for you to see as soon as I have my mits on them. Hope everyone's having a great weekend! 


  1. i love wearing my bf's clothes (he doesn't cos they reek of cigs after I use them. Oops) xx


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