Saturday, 28 January 2012

Oh, how we've changed!

These photos of my boyfriend and I were taken on nights out, the second was taken approximately a year after the first. It's so strange how different we both look after just one year! I'm trying to work out which looks I prefer most, and to be honest I can't decide! I don't really miss my blonde hair because it made my hair bad condition and I think it washed me out a little...but after comparing these images I don't know which hair colour suits me more!?

As for Craig, his newer more mature look is great, and I know he LOVES his beard, (ergh), but I do miss my baby faced boy with the cheek bones to die for! I think his beard covers his face too much...what do you think!? Has your appearance changed much in the last year?


  1. Personally I think the black hair suits you more as it compliments your eyes, Also Craig's beard adds a maturity to him where as a year ago he did look like fresh out of college new born rather than the PR working man that he is today. :)

  2. I personally think you can pull off both light and dark hair, but blonde make you look so much fresher! I like your boyfriends look now, within a year he has changed so much! :o

  3. i like your blonde hair more than the black, although black hair suits you as well. But as Charmaine said, it makes you look much fresher. And i like it how u wear your bangs on the side.
    and i like your boyfriends old look,. he looks soo cute! :)

  4. wow, what a change. inspiring post!
    Both looks are great and its hard to pick.
    I think the dark hair on you is pretty harsh, especially with the straight bangs. Id say something in between, not that light but not that dark?
    I myself is week for anice beard, which that is, but as you said, those cheekbones could cut someone.
    Pretties nontheless!


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