Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mr Thomas's Birthday!

Last night we went out for my boyfriend's 23rd birthday and I wore my new dress and shoes^^ I also took the advice of a fellow blogger and wore a bow in my hair! Thank you to everyone who made suggestions about how to wear my hair for the occasion by the way, you were all so lovely and helpful!

I actually decided to wear the dress backwards because there was a horrible seam and split down the front which was a bit strange...does any one else have certain items of clothing that they choose to wear backwards in order to make it look or fit better!?

Bow headband: £2.50, Claires
Silk dress: £23 (sale), Zara
Shoes: £22, New Look


  1. Love this look your style is incredible


  2. OH I do like what you did with your hair in the end! I also love the print from that Zara dress- ill check it out!

  3. Such a pretty dress, love the black mesh panelling (: Your make-up looks lovely here too!

  4. love the dress & that cute bow headband!! i love how you wore the dress backwards, so brilliant haha ♥

    btw happy birthday for your boyfriend!

    xoxo, Izzaura

  5. Oh you look amazing! The bow is adorable :)
    That dress is pretty too

  6. You look lovely! And I've never even thought about wearing something backwards, good idea :)

    Kirsti xx


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