Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I've mentioned Dixi to you before, but I just wanted to let you know that recently, they've really stepped up their game and have so many bargains just waiting to be snapped up!  They've started selling 'Treats', where they're offering you the chance to buy a set of items in bulk at amazing prices rather than just one item at a time; the image below for example shows a set that was just £32 for all of those beautiful bits!

They sell both new and old items which is nice because you get more variation when browsing through! The one-off vintage pieces do sell out pretty quickly but that's all the more reason to follow them on facebook and twitter and check the site regularly so that you can buy the best bargains first! Today however is your lucky day, and I'm going to give you a sneeky peek at what new items Dixi will have available for you this evening so that if you like something, you'll have an advantage over any other shopaholics who may be lurking on the site!

Shawl Set

 Festival Set

Chelsea Ankle Boots

 Gold woven bag set

Wait, it gets better! Dixi are offering a 10% discount code exclusively for you guys! Simply enter FASHIONYOUR10XO at the checkout every time you make a purchase with Dixi to claim your discount ^^ Let me know if you buy anything, I always love seeing what other people have bought themselves...probably because I can't afford to shop at the moment! :'( Happy shopping! 



  1. awww I love their treat-sets...already went a little crazy on sunday... :D

  2. That clutch is very chic! So vintage!

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    x Heidi

  3. i love dixi- they have great jewellery. ace blog hun.


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